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Rapid Undercoat 1, 60 ml

Base coat for crackle finishes in combination with crackle varnish 2 (50075). Transparent; slightly yellow; fast-drying. Dilutable with turpentine substitute 50019, but dries rather quickly to a turpentine substitute-resistant film.
$6.61 incl tax $3.30 incl tax

Crackle Varnish 2

Medium for crackle finishes in combination with RAPID undercoat 1 (50071). Water-dilutable and water-removable every time.
$6.61 incl tax $3.30 incl tax

Aero Grund 125 ml

A transparent, colourless, light-resistant and nonaging primer for working with AERO COLOR® Professional on non-absorbent surfaces such as plastics and metal. Improves the adhesion properties. AERO GRUND is ready to use. After drying sand down finely and – if necessary – repeat this process.
$12.74 incl tax $6.37 incl tax

Sinoart Woodless watercolor pencils

Woodless watercolor pencils in 16 colors.
$0.94 incl tax $0.59 incl tax

Twist-in watercolor pencils Sinoart

Twist-in watercolor pencils in 36 colors.
$0.94 incl tax $0.59 incl tax

Roma Paper 48x66, 130 gr

Produced with 100% cotton, this handmade laid and watermarked paper has all its edges deckled and is suitable for deluxe editions, fine printing, book binding and drawing. Roma paper is pH neutral, assuring its inalterability over time and is Totally Chlorine Free (T.C.F.). The watermark of this paper reproduces, below left, the inscription C.M. Fabriano, enclosing the image of a wolf sucking two twins whitin an oval and the inscription ROMA. The laid lines are parallel to the 48 cm side and the chain lines to the 66 cm side.
$7.67 incl tax $4.13 incl tax

Woodless Charcoal Pencil

Ιn Soft ,Medium or Hard.
$0.83 incl tax $0.59 incl tax

Brush Marker Sinoart - 2 + 1 ΔΩΡΟ!!!

Brush sketch marker with dual tip.Alcohol-Based in 71 colours and one clear-blender shade.
$3.54 incl tax

Daler-Rowney Slow Drying Gel 75ml

Slows Down the drying time of acrylic colours. It is added directly to the colour thoroughly mixed on the palette. Ideal for use with System 3, System 3D and Cryla acrylic colours.
$5.78 incl tax $2.95 incl tax

Daler-Rowney Glaze Medium Matte

A white translucent cream which increases the flow and transparency of acrylic colour .Ιt will dry to a matte finish. Drying times will be slower and transparency and matte will develop fully as the colour dries.
$5.78 incl tax $2.95 incl tax

Plastic cups set of 3

$1.06 incl tax $0.59 incl tax

Sinoart Brush set-015

Synthetic hair brush set with case and plastic palette.
$14.04 incl tax $11.21 incl tax

Precision Knife tool 13pcs.

$4.60 incl tax $3.42 incl tax

Sinoart Sketch Book

Ηard cover sketch book in 11"x14" size. 100g/m2, 80 sheets.
$14.16 incl tax $10.38 incl tax

Brush cleaner Kolibri, 250 ml

- High cleaning power - Water soluble - Biodegradable - Gentle for brushes
$8.14 incl tax $5.78 incl tax

Water Soluble Block Printing Colours 250ml

The colours are intermixable and an enhanced drying medium is available. Quicker drying than the oil-based ones, these colours are extremely easy to use, and equipment can simply be cleaned with soap and water.
$12.98 incl tax $11.45 incl tax

Alcoholic retouching varnish, 200 ml

Ενδιάμεσο βερνίκι για λάδια. Αχρωμο, δεν κιτρινίζει. Πολύ γρήγορο στέγνωμα. Να μην αναμειγνύεται με άλλα βερνίκια ή με νέφτι! Eτοιμο για χρήση. Απομακρύνεται με νεφτι ή white spirit.
$14.75 incl tax $11.56 incl tax