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Da Vinci COSMOSTOP-SPIN Rigger, 1280

$6.61 incl tax

Hawthorn Stay Open Ink 225gr - CLEARANCE SALE!!!

Hawthorn inks are a high quality oil based ink that works beautifully for relief printing. Now all the colours at ONLY 9.90 E!!!
$11.68 incl tax

Schmincke soft pastel cardboard, set 50 assorted pastels

Limited edition set of 50 Schmincke soft pastels in a cardboard box. Colours included are: -003O - 003D - 004D - 010D - 005D - 042D - 040D - 044B - 041D - 045D - 050M - 052D - 059B - 066D - 063B - 060D - 063D - 062H - 064D - 064M - 064O - 091O - 690M - 069H - 067D - 093B - 081D - 070B - 072B - 077B - 082O - 086O - 008B - 013O - 029O - 016O - 032M - 019M - 042O - 023B - 036D - 033D - 098J - 092B - 097D - 095B - 095O - 001D - 894D - 893D
$144.55 incl tax

Goldpasta 20 ml

gold paste, ideal for restoring gold-plated items and for authentic gold. Contains beeswax and high quality mineral minerals. The paste can be used on many different surfaces and especially wood, plastic and metal giving them a permanent metal face, while being very resistant to time wear It is ideal for decoration and transformations into frames and for the restoration of gilded objects whose gold has been worn out. Apply the paste with a cotton cloth, your finger or a brush and let it dry for 24 hours. Then polish the surface with a cloth.
$4.60 incl tax

HORADAM® AQUARELL supergranulating colours

Supergranulating colours are watercolours with a special property: the combination of at least 2 granulating HORADAM® pigments intensifies this effect to "supergranulation". The colours are formulated with pigments from different colour ranges, resulting in additional colour changes besides the granulation effect. For example, the shade "Deep Sea Indigo" (14 952) is a combination of violet and green pigments, while "Glacier Brown" (14 965) contains a brown and a green pigment. This novel, natural structure formation of the colours varies depending on the paper and the amount of water used. The rougher the paper, the stronger the granulating effect. The 40 supergranulating colours are divided into 8 thematic series of 5 colours each: Deep Sea, Glacier, Galaxy, Forest, Tundra, Volcano, Shire and Desert. The colours are available in half pans. All supergranulating HORADAM® AQUARELL colours have exclusively 4 and 5 stars lightfastness and contain only pigments already known from HORADAM®. The opacity of the colours is predominantly semi-transparent / semi-opaque. All supergranulating colours can be used on their own and perfectly in combination with all 139 HORADAM® AQUARELL watercolours as well as all AKADEMIE® Aquarell watercolours.
$6.96 incl tax


Schmincke Aqua Drop Brush Liner is a high-quality liner for use alongside Aqua Drop liquid watercolour. The easy to fill design features a versatile brush tip that makes it suitable for painting and lettering.
$4.07 incl tax

Alcohol Ink Aura, 15 ml

Liquid ink based on dyes and resin dissolved in pure alcohol. Can be mixed with other resins. Ideal for metal, glass, plastic, foil, a special Yupo paper or other slippery surfaces.
$2.12 incl tax

The Grey Book, 120 gr

The smooth sketch paper is well suited for working with Indian ink, fountain pens and acrylic markers as well as other water-based pens with minimum abrasion. Colours stand well on the light-grey, non absorbing surface. Subjects can be laid out from bright to dark and completed by setting white accents. With its unobtrusive figure, the anthracite coloured cover provides the impression of precious wood and touching it feels great. Bound in several layers and thread stitched, all the pages seat solidly and allow the artist to work on two pages, across the centre seam. A red bookmark ribbon completes the premium-quality features. With 40 sheets / 80 pages featuring 120gsm, The Grey Book is slim and an ideal companion if you are on the road or travelling. At the same time, it comes with enough reserves for many subjects. Available in A4 and A5, acid-free and with a high level of longevity.
$9.09 incl tax

Soft pastel Renesans

The artistic Renesans dry pastels are still subject to manual production. They are dried in a fully natural way and apply top quality raw materials, including kaolin extracted in Poland, and the best dry pigments. Pastel painting sees use of dry colourful chalklike sticks, without any liquid painting agents, which are applied onto a rough surface. Pastels are composed of painting pigments with chalk, clay, or plaster for binding, which provides a soft, smooth, and easily dusting stroke. A properly created pastel offers freshness, smoothly penetrating colours, no gloss, and bright surface. Each colour is applied individually, which makes it important to have an appropriately wide colour range. Preservation of the dust falling off the surface is possible with a special fixative or a glass frame with passe-partout, which isolates paper from glass. The product range is available in 119 colours of Renesans dry pastels individually or in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 99 colours.
$1.06 incl tax

Liquid Bronze Renesans, 125 ml

Liquid bronze is a quick-drying metallic paint containing synthetic resins, solvents and high-quality powdered aluminium pigments. It adheres well to many types of surface, including wood, plastic and metal, giving the chosen surface a metallic appearance. It is very easy to apply using a paintbrush, and makes objects appear to be made of real metal. Recommended for decorating and making alterations to frames. Mix thoroughly before use. If slight thinning is required, or to wash the paintbrush, use xylene. Available in 100 ml jars.
$8.02 incl tax

Sketch book Sinoart

- 110 gsm - Acid free - For pencil, pen & ink, pastel, etc. - 100 sheets - Available in A5 and A6 sizes
$3.30 incl tax

Schmincke soft pastels wooden box, set 45 pastels

Working with Schmincke’s finest extra soft pastels will give you a completely unique drawing experience. They have an incredibly high concentration of top quality pigment powder held together by the absolute minimum amount of binding agent - just enough to ensure that they remain a stable compound. Unlike many pastels on the market they also do not contain chalk or additives which helps keep their colouration pure and consistent throughout each pastel. This stripped back recipe results in such soft pastels that Schmincke had to design a costly and time consuming manufacturing process to stop them breaking. Each lump of pre-kneaded pastel dough is rolled into rounded skeins which are sectioned by hand and laid onto a sheet. The skeins are then cut by hand with a wire-strung frame and transferred onto wooden palettes where they are left to dry for around 2 weeks. By this time they are so soft that they need to be wrapped by hand and gently placed in their foam packaging.Contains 45.
$176.47 incl tax

College® Linol 75 ml

This odourless and water soluble lino print colour is easy to use and thus offers an easy introduction to the technique of lino printing. The selected colours offer even printing results when used directly from the tube or mixed with each other, and are suitable for educational purposes as a result of the colour properties and the good value for money. The colour palette can be expanded extensively by mixing the colours. All colours can be mixed and combined with the Schmincke aqua lino print colours, as well as with aqua Lino mediums from the professional range. Thus, even beginners in linoprint can work with Schmincke colours and can achieve beautiful printing results.
$4.54 incl tax

COPIC ciao set 24 colors

$136.88 incl tax

Deluxe Aluminium Field Easel

Size:112x92x185cm Accommodates canvas range of 49cm to 88cm Equipped with a brush holder Each in a high quality PE bag
$42.48 incl tax

Harmony Watercolour, 300 gr, COLD PRESSED

Ένα φυσικό λευκό χαρτί για όλες τις τεχνικές υγρής ζωγραφικής. Το Harmony Watercolor Το Harmony Watercolor είναι απαλλαγμένο από οξύ, ανθεκτικό στο φως και διαθέτει εξαιρετική μακροζωία. Διατίθεται σε Cold Pressed, Rough and Hot Pressed.
$7.08 incl tax

Drawing pens Micro-line

Ideal for graphic designing, sketching and drawing. Acid-free and non toxic, waterproof pigment ink. Sizes available: 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 and 2.0 mm.
$2.24 incl tax $1.59 incl tax

Ghiant Fix Basic 400ml

The Ghiant basic fix covers the needs of all artists. Environmentally friendly fixative sprays ideal for protecting the simplest charcoal drawing to the most professional piece of artwork. Fix Basic: temporary and final protective coating.
$6.37 incl tax

HORADAM® Wooden set48 x 1/1pans

NEW - standard set large wooden box with 48x large pans incl. 2x da Vinci brushes Cosmotop #8 and #12 and porcelaine palette Colours: 893 - gold 894 - silver, 101 - titanium opaque white, 215 - lemon yellow, 224 - cadmium yellow lemon, 209 - transparent yellow, 217 - quinacridone gold hue, 220 - Indian yellow, 213 - chromium yellow hue deep, 214 - chromium orange hue, 218 - transparent orange, 349 - cadmium red light, 363 - scarlet red, 366 - perylene maroon, 371 - perylene violet, 354 - madder red dark, 353 - permanent carmine, 352 - magenta, 474 - manganese violet, 495 - ultramarine violet, 482 - Delft blue, 485 - indigo, 494 - ultramarine finest, 480 - mountain blue, 492 - Prussian blue, 484 - phthalo blue, 479 - helio cerulean, 475 - helio turquoise, 509 - cobalt turquoise, 528 - Prussian green, 519 - phthalo green, 524 - may green, 533 - cobalt green dark, 784 - perylene green, 534 - permanent green olive, 525 - oliv green yellowish, 221 - jaune brilliant dark, 229 - Naples yellow, 655 - yellow ochre, 661 - burnt Sienna, 649 - English Venetian red, 645 - Indian red, 668 - burnt umber, 663 - sepia brown, 787 - Payne´s grey bluish, 782 - neutral tint, 780 - ivory black, + ONETZ
$394.12 incl tax

Big Brush

Hog bristle brush, dia.5 cm.
$28.08 incl tax $22.18 incl tax

Horadam Watercolour Gift set

Horadam Watercolour BIG set: Metal set of 12 x half pans of Horadam Watercolour Brush Brush Soap Watercolour Postcard Block of 10 sheets (10.5 x 14.8cm) Watercolour sponge Apron Coffee to Go Mug (BPA free).
$101.48 incl tax $89.68 incl tax

Genuine Artists‘ Oil Bronzes

Genuine Artists´ Οil Bronzes, are formulated based on real metal pigments for painting techniques in oil colours. 5 colours are available: rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, copper and silver. Schmincke Genuine Artists' Oil Bronzes contain bronze or aluminium pigments. Therefore they are very light fast, more opaque and more brilliant than other metallic effect colours made of pearl lustre pigments. Only suitable for indoor objects!Iridescent metal effect on oil paintings or other pre-primed surfaces, such as wood, metal or gypsum; use only in combination with bronze medium .When used on absorbent surfaces, we recommend an additional pre-treatment with turpentine substitute and thinned bronze medium. Handling: Mix 3 parts Oil-Bronze and 2 parts bronze medium with a painting knife - shortly before application. If requested, thin with e.g. turpentine substitute; dries wipe and water-resistant. Colour layers remain soluble to oil of turpentine (50102) or turpentine substitute after drying.
$22.77 incl tax

Βelle Arti Streched Canvas Linea 37 Maxi

Belle Arti streched cotton/polyester canvas made to the highest professional grade standard. Universally primed with gesso. Depth of canvas 37mm. Ideal for all techniques.
$3.30 incl tax

Refined linseed oil

Εξευγενισμένο λινέλαιο - χρησιμοποιείται για την αραίωση χρωμάτων λαδιού, τείνει να κιτρινίζει ελαφρώς με την πάροδο του χρόνου, δίνει φωτεινότητα και λάμψη.
$3.89 incl tax

Lyra Rembrandt Art Design pencil

Hexagonal fine graphite pencil, ideal for artistic and technical drawing. Body made from the finest real cedar wood. Available in 17 hardness grades from 9B (the softest) to 6H (the hardest). Extra-resistant, solid lead produces clean, sharp strokes. Length: 183 mm. Lead diameter: 2 ≥ 2,8 mm.
$1.42 incl tax

Transfer Spray, 400 ml

Ghiant Transfer Spray allows quick and easy transfer of the outline of photos, posters and prints on to all smooth surfaces such as paper, canvas, painted walls, wood, glass, ceramics, metal and textiles. The advantage of Ghiant Transfer Spray over conventional carbon paper is that you are not limited to the size of the carbon paper. To use this Ghiant Transfer Spray, for example to transfer a photo of your last holiday as a coluoring page: Step 1 - Spray the back of the medium to be transferred with the Ghiant Transfer Spray and allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes. Step 2 - Attach the sprayed medium to your chosen surface with easy-to-remove adhesive strips or paper clips and draw the lines to be transferred with a pencil, pen or scribing tool. Depending on the material used, enough pressure must be exerted to transfer the lines. Step 3 - Then the outlines that were traced from the original subject are visible on the new surface. Ghiant Transfer Spray is available in a 400ml can.
$8.50 incl tax

Block Manga Layout & Illustration

Manga Layout & Illustration is a white lightweight paper with a closed smooth surface. Even without a light table it can be easily used to trace. Colours don’t blend and even when applied as thick layers they don’t bleed through to the next sheet of the block. The Manga Layout & Illustration paper is available as 40-sheet blocks in A4 and A3 formats. The paper is acid free and has a high longevity level.
$8.61 incl tax


Renesans Ballground Black satin opaque finish. Supple non-drying surface, softlines and texture effects. Available in Soft and Hard Ball
$5.66 incl tax

Glass Enamel 37 ml

Has 25 intermixable colors, with a transparent and brilliant fi nishing. The colorless varnish is used to give more transparency to other colors and can also be used as an excellent fi nishing varnish in handcraft articles such as soap, woods, ceramics and plaster articles.
$2.60 incl tax

Fabriano Black Black pad 300gr

Fabriano Black Black is a range of uncoated cardboards made of ECF cellulose pulp. This paper is characterized by a very deep black colour due to the high quality and lightfast pigments used for its production. Flexible and resistant it is ideal for pastel, colour pencils, markers, acrylics, passe-partout and portfolio presentations.
$7.20 incl tax

HORADAM® Metal set 12 x 1/1pans.

In order to achieve the highest standard regarding lightfastness, resolubility and stability, Schmincke's HORADAM® use the best raw materials available. There is no compromise in quality - the highest standards of artists' pigments allow the highest level of lightfastness. Schmincke's HORADAM® binding medium is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the Sahara region, due to it differing from year to year it is tested and the best of the batch is selected to used with their pigments. They use an optimal amount of oxgall to avoid undesired coloured formations and undissolved pigment, allowing the perfect flow of colour.Contains 12.
$90.98 incl tax

Renesans extra fine watercolour 1/2pan

Professional dry watercolors in pans are made according to traditional recipes based on gum arabic and thoroughly ground pigments and the addition of acacia honey, used as a binder. Almost the entire watercolor production process is carried out manually to ensure the highest quality and purity of the traditional recipe. In their production, selected organic and inorganic pigments are used, including real Polish cadmium and cobalt. This product is characterized by high solubility and a high degree of resistance to light: watercolors are produced by hand and naturally dried. The range consists of 54 colors
$2.24 incl tax

Water tank brush Sinoart

Water tank brush.It consists of a familiar-looking bunch of bristles at the one end, but the handle isn't solid plastic. Rather it's a container or reservoir designed to hold water. The two bits screw together, and the clip-on cap stops the water leaking out when you're not using the brush.As you use the waterbrush, water gradually seeps down from the reservoir onto the bristles. This means the brush bristles are permanently moist or damp.Ιn 2 sizes.
$3.19 incl tax

Drafting Tube Jumbo

Extendable, jumbo drafting tube. Specification: Dia. 18cm, Length 110/180cm
$41.30 incl tax

Oils for Art,Renesans 60 ml

Oil paints For Art are recommended for professionals, students and amateurs. By carefully selecting paint pigments they have excellent resistance to light, have a good shine and intense colour. Oil paints of this series can be mixed with each other giving the artist the ability to create a rich range of colours and shades.
$4.84 incl tax

Indian ink Renesans, 500 ml - 25% OFF

Renesans drawing inks are made to a very traditional recipe. One of the basic ingredients is shellac, which ensures a delicate gloss, fastness and depth of colour. The inks are completely non-washable after drying. They may be applied using a paintbrush or nib. Available in eight basic colours, in 30 ml plastic jars and in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre bottles.
$20.18 incl tax $16.05 incl tax

Indian ink Renesans, 1000 ml

Renesans drawing inks are made to a very traditional recipe. One of the basic ingredients is shellac, which ensures a delicate gloss, fastness and depth of colour. The inks are completely non-washable after drying. They may be applied using a paintbrush or nib. Available in eight basic colours, in 30 ml plastic jars and in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre bottles.
$30.56 incl tax $22.89 incl tax

Oils for Art, Renesans 60 ml

Oil paints For Art are recommended for professionals, students and amateurs. By carefully selecting paint pigments they have excellent resistance to light, have a good shine and intense colour. Oil paints of this series can be mixed with each other giving the artist the ability to create a rich range of colours and shades.
$2.60 incl tax

Pure Beeswax, 250 gr

$6.61 incl tax
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