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White Spirit

€1.70 incl tax

Turpentine 800 ml

€5.40 incl tax

Acrilex Ecosolv 100ml

Synthetic solvent for oil paints in general and for cleaning materials used for painting.
€1.90 incl tax

Turpentine substitute

Mixture of solvents with similar properties to turpentine oil (50024, 50102). Gentle odour. Thinner for oil colours, oil panting mediums and varnishes based on mineral spirit; not mixable with varnishes based on alcohol; solvent for dammar resin, but not for mastic resin.
€4.30 incl tax

Oil of turpentine, refined

Τερεβινθέλαιο, φιλτραρισμένο και ραφιναρισμένο για την αραίωση λαδιών, βερνικιών και ρητινών.
€4.90 incl tax

Brush cleaner Kolibri, 250 ml

- High cleaning power - Water soluble - Biodegradable - Gentle for brushes
€6.90 incl tax €4.90 incl tax

Acrilex turpentine 100ml.

Natural Vegetal diluent of the Oil Colors, does not change its brightness nor the characteristic of drying time.
€2.00 incl tax