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Fabriano drawing book spiral A3, landscape

Drawingbook σπιράλ με σκληρό αδιάβροχο εξώφυλλο. Χαρτί χωρίς οξέα με πιστοποίηση FSC. Iδανικό για μολύβι, γραφίτη, κάρβουνο, παστέλ, στυλό, μελάνι και gouache. A3, landscape.
€16.40 incl tax

Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal

Fabriano Artist’s Journal in the “Classic” version, distinguished by its refined navy blue cover. Produced with Ingres laid paper in 2 different lightfast colours: ice and ivory. Ideal for pencil, pastels, charcoal, ink and sketching. The absence of acid guarantees its inalterability over time.
€9.50 incl tax

Fabriano Drawing Book spiral,160gr

Drawing hardcover book, 60 sheets, 160 g/m2. Acid Free paper, FSC® certified. Washable black hard cover, spiral bound. Ideal for pencil, ink, pastel, pen and gouache.
€5.70 incl tax

Fabriano Quadrato Artists Journal

Thread sewn journal made of 96 sheets, in 4 colours, of Ingres paper 90 g/m2 and black cover of Murillo 360 g/m2. Acid Free, lightfast colours. Ideal for drawing, charcoal, pastel, ink and as well for your every intellectual whim. The paper colours are the following: ghiaccio, bianco, avorio and gialletto. The Artist’s Journals are singularly shrinkwrapped.
€11.00 incl tax

Fabriano Sketch spiral Book, 160gr

Sketch hardcover book, 80 sheets, 110 gsm. Acid free paper, FSC certified. Washable black hard cover, spiral bound. Ideal for pencil, ink, pen, pastel and gouache.
€5.60 incl tax

Fabriano Venezia book

This elegant book is made of Accademia paper 200 g/m2. Ideai far drawing or tempera. The nice texture on the cover is inspired by the modern mosaics present in the San Marco area of Venice. You have the best combination of Italian fine arts style: Venezia and Fabriano.
€8.70 incl tax

Lamali LLJ115K-Asst. Carnet Codex 15x21cm

72pages, 100% cotton rag paper, handmade - thin cover. Handmade in India Available in four colours: white, grey, ochre and indigo.
€9.20 incl tax

LLJ116-Creek Carnet Enki 13x18cm

Enki notebook 13x18cm approx. - cover: thick oily leather. 200p. sewn handmade cotton paper, ivory. Handmade in India
€21.80 incl tax

Lamali LLJ64-BLANC 12x18cm

Sketchbook from handmade cotton paper in the shape, 100% rag.Handmade in India.180 pages.
€11.20 incl tax