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Gouache Set

Gouache Set οf 12 or 24 pcs.
€3.80 incl tax

Akademie Gouache 60ml.

The 20 fine AKADEMIE® Gouache colours in artist quality are perfect for beginners in gouache painting and suitable for art education due to their colour properties. The intense, even matt-drying water-based colours have a high opacity and very good mixing properties, they can also easily be rewetted. The attractive value for money of 60ml tubes is a further advantage of this high quality, uncomplicated gouache, which, of course, can be mixed and combined with all other Schmincke gouache series (HORADAM® GOUACHE and HKS® Designers' Gouache).
€3.70 incl tax

HKS® Designers' Gouache 20ml

This assortment of fine, reproducible, opaque Designers' Gouache contains 60 brilliant colours. Most of the colours are highly opaque. HKS® Designers' Gouache permits an even application with either a brush or a 0,3mm airbrush. The dried colours can be rewetted with water and reused completely. HKS® Designers' Gouache is also repro-tested for the 4-colour-printing-process so that an optimal reproduction is guaranteed. In this case the colour has to be applied straight from the tube.
€4.70 incl tax

Simply Gouache Set 12x12ml

Gouache Set 12pcs.
€8.40 incl tax

Simply Gouache Set 6x12ml

Gouache Set 6pcs.
€5.20 incl tax