College® Linol 75 ml

This odourless and water soluble lino print colour is easy to use and thus offers an easy introduction to the technique of lino printing. The selected colours offer even printing results when used directly from the tube or mixed with each other, and are suitable for educational purposes as a result of the colour properties and the good value for money. The colour palette can be expanded extensively by mixing the colours. All colours can be mixed and combined with the Schmincke aqua lino print colours, as well as with aqua Lino mediums from the professional range. Thus, even beginners in linoprint can work with Schmincke colours and can achieve beautiful printing results.
Manufacturer: Schmincke
  • 100 White
    100 White
  • 200 Yellow
    200 Yellow
  • 250 Yellow orange
    250 Yellow orange
  • 300 Red
    300 Red
  • 350 Dark red
    350 Dark red
  • 350 Dark red
    350 Dark red
  • 400 Blue
    400 Blue
  • 450 Dark blue
    450 Dark blue
  • 550 Green
    550 Green
  • 700 Black
    700 Black
  • 840 Neon yellow [+€0.60]
    840 Neon yellow [+€0.60]
  • 850 Neon orange [+€0.60]
    850 Neon orange [+€0.60]
  • 870 Neon magenta [+€0.60]
    870 Neon magenta [+€0.60]
€3.60 incl tax
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