Alcohol Ink Aura, 15 ml

Liquid ink based on dyes and resin dissolved in pure alcohol. Can be mixed with other resins. Ideal for metal, glass, plastic, foil, a special Yupo paper or other slippery surfaces.
Manufacturer: Renesans
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  • 100 Titanium white
    100 Titanium white
  • 110 Lemon yellow
    110 Lemon yellow
  • 111 Deep yellow
    111 Deep yellow
  • 113 Orange
    113 Orange
  • 120 Cyan
    120 Cyan
  • 121 Cyan
    121 Cyan
  • 122 Turquoise
    122 Turquoise
  • 129 Violet
    129 Violet
  • 130 Magenta
    130 Magenta
  • 131 Vermilion
    131 Vermilion
  • 132 Carmine
    132 Carmine
  • 140 Ochre
    140 Ochre
  • 141 Brown
    141 Brown
  • 150 Light green
    150 Light green
  • 151 Real green
    151 Real green
  • 155 Forest green
    155 Forest green
  • 171 Grey
    171 Grey
  • 190 Black
    190 Black
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Products specifications
Suitable for Paper
Suitable for Ηοbby
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