Acrilex Patina in Wax 37ml

Patina in Wax for wood, plaster, ceramics, MDF, leather, furniture restoration.Ready to use.
Manufacturer: Acrilex
SKU: A-18037
  • 300 Transparent
    300 Transparent
  • 319 White
    319 White
  • 312 Cadmium Red
    312 Cadmium Red
  • 316 Dark Rose
    316 Dark Rose
  • 346 Alizarin Crimson
    346 Alizarin Crimson
  • 321 Cobalt Violet
    321 Cobalt Violet
  • 305 Blue
    305 Blue
  • 306 Light Blue
    306 Light Blue
  • 364 English Green
    364 English Green
  • 334 Olive Green
    334 Olive Green
  • 360 Gold Ochre
    360 Gold Ochre
  • 337 Van Dyke Brown
    337 Van Dyke Brown
  • 320 Black
    320 Black
  • 386 Silver
    386 Silver
  • 385 Iridiscent Gold
    385 Iridiscent Gold
  • 368 Sun Gold
    368 Sun Gold
  • 369 Antique Gold
    369 Antique Gold
  • 387 Copper
    387 Copper
  • 388 Bronze
    388 Bronze
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Matte Decorative Paint 37ml

Ideal to be applied on wood, pottery, plaster, polystyrene cork, leather, glass and Jet plastics, aluminum, brass and zinc, always for decorative purposes. Presented in 95 colors mixable among each other and specially selected for decorative painting techniques. It provides matte color finish. When diluted, it can be sanded to obtain patina or similar effects.
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Craquelex Paint 37ml

17 matte colors and 2 metallic colors mixable among each other. Ready for use. Water-soluble. Applications: with a brush or sponge on surfaces prepared with one of the following Acrilex Paints: Acrylic, P.V.A and Metal Colors. Apply 2 to 3 layers during the preparation of the surface. The cracking effect will be visible after the drying of the Craquelex Paint (approx. 2 hours). Total drying 72 hours. The cracking varies according to the paint layer used in the preparation of the surface and the quantity of Craquelex Paint used later. Apply only one layer. Do not mask the Craquelex Paint.
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