Acrilex Metal Colors 60ml

Metal Paint Colors is ideal for application onwood, ceramic, plaster, paper, cardboard,Styrofoam, resin, cork, leather, sandblastedglass, plastics, aluminum, brass and zinc, wherefor decorative purposes. Formulated with acrylic resin, non-toxic, water soluble ink Metal Colors has fast-drying andmetallic finish. It has excellent adhesion andresistance after drying when used on porous materials and properly prepared. Presented in 29 colors miscible, has a metallic finish and shiny, with no need for the applicationof varnish. Metal Colors is formulated with a pigmentselected, giving the paintings a finish of betterquality, more vibrant colors.
Manufacturer: Acrilex
SKU: A-03660
  • 562 Pearl White
    562 Pearl White
  • 553 Yellow
    553 Yellow
  • 537 Rose
    537 Rose
  • 555 Red
    555 Red
  • 528 Lilac
    528 Lilac
  • 549 Magenta
    549 Magenta
  • 535 Sea Blue
    535 Sea Blue
  • 513 Moss Green
    513 Moss Green
  • 533 Silver
    533 Silver
  • 599 Aliminium
    599 Aliminium
  • 532 Gold
    532 Gold
  • 598 Sun Gold
    598 Sun Gold
  • 548 Antique Gold
    548 Antique Gold
  • 556 Bronze
    556 Bronze
  • 534 Copper
    534 Copper
  • 520 Black
    520 Black
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