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Acrilex Patina in Wax 37ml

Patina in Wax for wood, plaster, ceramics, MDF, leather, furniture restoration.Ready to use.
$4.01 incl tax

Acrilex Bitumen Wax 59ml

Appropriate to produce an aging effect on artistic paintings and craftworks. Can be applied with a soft cloth, thread or a brush on clean and dry surfaces, such as on wood, pottery, plaster and metal, previously painted or not with water-soluble paints, solvent or oil. Remove excess with a soft cloth, which will not lose threads while the bitumen wax is still wet. After complete dry, polish with a flannel to produce brightness and waxy finish. The tonality obtained varies depending on the layers applied and the cleaning of excess Bitumen.
$4.01 incl tax

Acrilex Betume Colors 60ml

With brush or sponde, for aging effects (old patina) on finished works, or also on paints, dyes and stain effects on wood, plaster, ceramic and MDF. Test berore using on other materials. For aging effects, mix with Acrilex Blending Gel, to retard the drying time and provide a better sliding of the brush. Shake before using. Water-soluble. Non-toxic. Ready to use.
$2.60 incl tax

Goldpasta 20 ml

gold paste, ideal for restoring gold-plated items and for authentic gold. Contains beeswax and high quality mineral minerals. The paste can be used on many different surfaces and especially wood, plastic and metal giving them a permanent metal face, while being very resistant to time wear It is ideal for decoration and transformations into frames and for the restoration of gilded objects whose gold has been worn out. Apply the paste with a cotton cloth, your finger or a brush and let it dry for 24 hours. Then polish the surface with a cloth.
$4.60 incl tax