Mediums for acrylics

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Acrylic Fluid-Medium,glossy

A gently flowing medium for acrylic colours. Forms a clear and glossy film; retards drying; increases gloss and transparency; optimizes adhesive properties. Ideal for large surfaces.
$7.02 incl tax

Acrylic Fluid-Medium, satin-matt

A gently flowing medium for acrylic colours. Forms a clear and glossy film; retards drying; increases gloss and transparency; optimizes adhesive properties. Ideal for large surfaces.
$7.02 incl tax

Acrylic special painting gel 250ml

Creamy painting medium for “soft” painting with acrylic colours. Retards drying; increases gloss and transparency. Simplyfies colour flows and colour transitions; creates paintings with acrylic colours surfaces similar to oil colours. Mixing ratio: max 1:1.
$16.87 incl tax

Acrylic binder "ready-to-use" 200ml

Ready-to-use binder for easy grinding of satin-matt acrylic colours in combination with Schmincke pure artists´ pigments. Dilutable with water, but forms rather quickly a water-resistant film; non-yellowing; age-resistant. Shake before use.
$14.87 incl tax

Acrylic binder 250ml

Binder for own production of acrylic colours, acrylic mediums and primers. Glossy, colourless, nonyellowing, age-resistant; dilutable with water, but forms rather quickly a water-resistant film. Improves adhesion of undercoats when added to Schmincke acrylic colours instead of water; increases gloss and transparency of the colours.
$14.87 incl tax

Pouring Medium

Fluid acrylic-medium for pouring. Optimized flow properties. Use pure or mixed in any ratio with acrylic colours (pretest!). Reduces crazing. Dries water-resistant, glossy and clear-transparent. Non-yellowing, flexible film with tack-free surface.
$14.16 incl tax

Pouring Medium S

Fluid acrylic-medium for pouring technique, ideal for cell effects with addition of silicone oil. Is mixed with acrylic colours to improve their flow properties. Can also be diluted with water and combined with silicone oil to increase cell formation. Dries waterproof. Light-stable, flexible film. Do not use below 15°C. Substrates must be not too absorbent, clean, sustainable and grease-free. Pre-tests recommended. Thinner: Water
$20.00 incl tax

MUSSINI Medium 1, 60 ml

Low-fat (“lean”) painting and thinning medium for oil colours. Recommended for thin grounds and to set up transparency paintings on gouache, tempera and acrylic paints; thins with hardly affecting the drying time and gloss. Dosage: 10 to max. 20%
$9.09 incl tax

Aero Medium Schmincke

Thinner for AERO COLOR® Professional. Increases transparency; optimizes adhesive properties; increases resistance against wiping and water (regarding to water). Can be mixed with AERO COLOR® Professional as desired. Thinner: Water
$14.16 incl tax

AERO TEX for adhesion on textiles

Medium for AERO COLOR® Professional for mixing a textile airbrush colour (mixing ratio: 1:1). Thinner: Water Handling Shake well before use. AERO TEX is ready to use. Should be mixed with AERO COLOR® Professional in a ration of 1:1. Wash, dry and iron the material beforehand. Spray application wet. After finishing the design let it dry out. Iron the reverse side (cotton about 2 min.; silk / wool about 4 – 6 min.; synthetics about 8 min.; temperature should be adapted to the fabric!). Washable at 30 °C; do not dry clean. The product can be diluted with water, but dries up to a water-insoluble film. Please clean tools as soon as possible with water and/or AERO CLEAN RAPID 50606. Best results are achieved with spray application at processing temperatures between 15 and 30 °C, 2 bar air pressure and a nozzle size of > 0,15 mm for coloured shades and 0,3 mm for effect colours. Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 10 °C object- and room-temperatures. Close immediately after use. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from frost. Individual pre-tests are required. Sizes: 28 ml
$7.85 incl tax

Acrylic mineral flakes gel 300ml

Effect gel with a smooth consistency. Dries up to mineral-type surface structures. Ideal to imitate i.e. stone surfaces.
$26.31 incl tax $13.16 incl tax

Acrylic structuring paste

An extra light acrylic paste with a firm, very heavy consistency. Dries up to a white, matt, even surface with a stronger absorbent character. Ideal for structural effects also on flexible substrates, e.g. canvas. The low weight of this paste makes it ideal for large surfaces. Dries quicker than the other acrylic pastes.
$13.22 incl tax