Liquid Bronze Renesans, 125 ml

Liquid bronze is a quick-drying metallic paint containing synthetic resins, solvents and high-quality powdered aluminium pigments. It adheres well to many types of surface, including wood, plastic and metal, giving the chosen surface a metallic appearance. It is very easy to apply using a paintbrush, and makes objects appear to be made of real metal. Recommended for decorating and making alterations to frames. Mix thoroughly before use. If slight thinning is required, or to wash the paintbrush, use xylene. Available in 100 ml jars.
Manufacturer: Renesans
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  • 01 Silver
    01 Silver
  • 02 Bronze
    02 Bronze
  • 03 English gold
    03 English gold
  • 05 Brass
    05 Brass
  • 06 Antique gold
    06 Antique gold
  • 07 Copper
    07 Copper
  • 08 Champagne gold
    08 Champagne gold
  • 09 Rose gold
    09 Rose gold
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