AERO COLOR® Professional effect colours

For special effects, there are also 12 effect colours for special kinds of colour effects: A range of 9 effect colours (divided into 4 effect types) which provide unique colour effects because of their versatility. Depending on the layer thickness, surface, lighting and viewing angles, they produce spectacular effects and attractive colour sheen. AERO SHINE (2 colours) AERO METALLIC (7 colours)
Manufacturer: Schmincke
SKU: 28900
  • 900 Aeroshine silver
    900 Aeroshine silver
  • 906 Brilliant silver
    906 Brilliant silver
  • 901 Aeroshine gold
    901 Aeroshine gold
  • 915 Brilliant gold
    915 Brilliant gold
  • 916 Brilliant bronze
    916 Brilliant bronze
  • 917 Βright maroon
    917 Βright maroon
  • 903 Red
    903 Red
  • 904 Blue
    904 Blue
  • 905 Green
    905 Green
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