aqua LINOPRINT 35ml

All 15 colours and 3 effect colours are formulated on a gum arabic base. They contain high-quality organic and inorganic pigments and are characterised by particularly good lightfastness (at least 4-5 stars) and a unique depth of colour. All colours can be used directly, can be mixed with each other and thinned with water. The optimum open times allow perfect finish, the print has sharp contours and an even result. The aqua LINOPRINT colours dry within 15 minutes to be wipe-proof but not waterproof and can be overprinted if necessary.
Manufacturer: Schmincke
SKU: SCH4009
  • 100 Τitanium White
    100 Τitanium White
  • 210 Permanent Yellow
    210 Permanent Yellow
  • 220 Indian Yellow
    220 Indian Yellow
  • 320 Vermillion Red
    320 Vermillion Red
  • 325 Carmine Red
    325 Carmine Red
  • 330 Magenta
    330 Magenta
  • 430 Ultramarine
    430 Ultramarine
  • 435 Prussian Blue
    435 Prussian Blue
  • 440 Cyan
    440 Cyan
  • 520 Permanent Green
    520 Permanent Green
  • 530 Chromium Oxide Green Hue
    530 Chromium Oxide Green Hue
  • 610 Yellow Ochre
    610 Yellow Ochre
  • 620 Burnt Sienna
    620 Burnt Sienna
  • 630 Sepia Brown
    630 Sepia Brown
  • 735 Ivory Black
    735 Ivory Black
  • 810 Silver [+€1.15]
    810 Silver [+€1.15]
  • 820 Gold [+€1.15]
    820 Gold [+€1.15]
  • 830 Copper [+€1.15]
    830 Copper [+€1.15]
€4.90 incl tax
€3.90 incl tax
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