Akademie Gouache 60ml.

The 20 fine AKADEMIE® Gouache colours in artist quality are perfect for beginners in gouache painting and suitable for art education due to their colour properties. The intense, even matt-drying water-based colours have a high opacity and very good mixing properties, they can also easily be rewetted. The attractive value for money of 60ml tubes is a further advantage of this high quality, uncomplicated gouache, which, of course, can be mixed and combined with all other Schmincke gouache series (HORADAM® GOUACHE and HKS® Designers' Gouache).
Manufacturer: Schmincke
SKU: SCH8011
  • 100 White Opaque
    100 White Opaque
  • 200 Lemon Yellow
    200 Lemon Yellow
  • 205 Primary yellow
    205 Primary yellow
  • 210 Indian Yellow
    210 Indian Yellow
  • 215 Orange
    215 Orange
  • 220 Vermilion Red
    220 Vermilion Red
  • 303 Signal Red
    303 Signal Red
  • 305 Carmine
    305 Carmine
  • 312 Bordeaux
    312 Bordeaux
  • 310 Madder lake
    310 Madder lake
  • 315 Primary Magenta
    315 Primary Magenta
  • 320 Violet Blue
    320 Violet Blue
  • 400 Prussian Blue
    400 Prussian Blue
  • 403 Indigo
    403 Indigo
  • 405 Ultramarine
    405 Ultramarine
  • 410 Primary Cyan
    410 Primary Cyan
  • 450 Turquoise
    450 Turquoise
  • 500 Pthalo Green
    500 Pthalo Green
  • 505 Green
    505 Green
  • 515 May Green
    515 May Green
  • 520 Sap Green
    520 Sap Green
  • 525 Olive Green
    525 Olive Green
  • 600 Yellow Ochre
    600 Yellow Ochre
  • 603 Raw Sienna
    603 Raw Sienna
  • 605 Burnt Sienna
    605 Burnt Sienna
  • 610 Burnt Umber
    610 Burnt Umber
  • 620 Sand
    620 Sand
  • 715 Grey
    715 Grey
  • 700 Black
    700 Black
  • 750 Deep Black
    750 Deep Black
  • 800 Silver [+€0.50]
    800 Silver [+€0.50]
  • 801 Gold [+€0.50]
    801 Gold [+€0.50]
€3.70 incl tax
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