AERO COLOR® Professional 250ml

Schmincke AERO COLOR Fluid Acrylic is a low viscosity, liquid acrylic formula. It is the least viscous product in the Schmincke acrylic range. AERO COLOR can be applied by spray gun, brush, re-touching pen, or dipping brush. It is possible to use the AERO colours pure or to spray them after they have been thinned with water. AERO COLOR Fluid Acrylic dries waterproof and lightfast.AERO COLOR Professional can be used on papers and cardboards as well as non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics, canvas, and (after preliminary treatment) metal.
Manufacturer: Schmincke
SKU: SCH12027
  • 100 Τransparent White
    100 Τransparent White
  • 101 SUPRA-white Opaque
    101 SUPRA-white Opaque
  • 201 Lemon Yellow
    201 Lemon Yellow
  • 202 Primary Yellow
    202 Primary Yellow
  • 203 Indian Yellow
    203 Indian Yellow
  • 204 Cadmium Orange Hue
    204 Cadmium Orange Hue
  • 300 Scarlet
    300 Scarlet
  • 301 Red Madder Dark
    301 Red Madder Dark
  • 302 Carmine
    302 Carmine
  • 304 Primary Magenta
    304 Primary Magenta
  • 306 Brilliant Red
    306 Brilliant Red
  • 402 Ultramarine
    402 Ultramarine
  • 402 Ultramarine
    402 Ultramarine
  • 403 Sapphire Blue
    403 Sapphire Blue
  • 405 Primary Blue Cyan
    405 Primary Blue Cyan
  • 501 Brilliant Green
    501 Brilliant Green
  • 502 Permanent Green
    502 Permanent Green
  • 503 Olive Green
    503 Olive Green
  • 600 Gold Ochre
    600 Gold Ochre
  • 601 Sienna
    601 Sienna
  • 602 Brown Brazil
    602 Brown Brazil
  • 603 Sepia
    603 Sepia
  • 604 Burnt Sienna
    604 Burnt Sienna
  • 701 Neutral Grey
    701 Neutral Grey
  • 702 Black
    702 Black
$25.02 incl tax
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